Issues With Loading Certain Presets In Noire Piano VST

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Hi all, I'm currently having an issue with loading some presets in the Noire Piano VST.

Whenever I go to load them, for the first few seconds everything works fine. But within 5-10 after it loads, there's this popping sound that occurs. It only happens once or twice but all sound from the piano cuts out afterwards, it also stops taking any midi input as far as I can tell. So I reload and the same thing happens. The best way to describe it would be like a gunshot in the distance. My first thought is that this had to do with my CPU usage, but I've checked task manager and it's nowhere near the point where it would cause artifacts and also the and the top right corner of Kontakt player and its always below 10% regardless of what I'm playing, disk usage never goes above 0%. I'm using an intel i9-13900k and 32GB of 5200Mhz ddr5 and a 1TB WD SN770 SSD, and Kontakt player and this vst are the only thing I'm running. I'm not too big on VSTs so it could be something simple.

I've tried

Restarting my PC, my first thought

Changing the audio device, driver, sample rate, latency, midi device, preload buffer size, etc. Before and after the issue happens

Disconnecting and reconnecting my midi controller and the audio device I'm using.

Reinstalling the library.

Reinstalling Kontakt player.

But I can't figure out why this is happening or how to prevent it. But, if anyone knows what's causing it or how to fix it, help would be appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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    To say it simple, when a plugin has a problem, then all its presets has the problem too. Not just few of them.

    So, if the plugin and all the other presets works well, it is most likely that the preset was meant to be this way. It has not to do with PC or Audio drivers, or reinstalling things. Otherwise that "gunshot in the distance" noise would be always there, in all presets!

    Note: Maybe there is a Reverb there in those presets? Combined with a long Envelope Release?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @PianoPenguin Is this happening in your DAW or in standalone? Both? What DAW is it? What audio settings do you have?

  • Jeremy_NI
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