How do you add a pause before the start of a sample when pressing a key?

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I want to introduce a 500ms hold before a sample starts playing in kontakt. I don't want to adjust the sample start (I want to start playing at the beginning of the sample) or the attack (I want an attack of 0ms so the sample starts playing at maximum amplitude)

can I add a delay before the sample start, without modifying the sample itself to add silence in the beginning of the sample?


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    The easiest and most simple way to do it, is to open your sample with an Audio Editor and add a 500ms empty space at the beginning of your file. It will take you less than a minute and it will be permanent. No need to deal with Kontakt at all, just load it.

    If you don't have an audio editor, then try the easy and free Audacity.

    If you have no idea about what i am talking about, you can upload the file here and i will fix it for you in a minute.

    btw, a delay will not do what you ask for.

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    thanks for your reply! I'm actually looking for a way to do it without modifying all of my samples. I noticed for example that Rise & Hit from NI can trigger a 'hit' sample after a certain specified number of bars, and the 'hit' samples start at 0; they don't have a large amount of silence baked into the sample itself. I wasn't sure how they did it though.

    For anyone looking for this I found a (sort of) solution: basically this will retrigger the sample, and the initial trigger will be silenced.

    1) Go to the script editor tab, under the 'preset' dropdown use Factory -> Effects -> Midi echo.

    2) turn 'repeat' down to 1

    3) and set the Dry/Wet knob all the way to the 'wet' side. set 'decay' to 100%. Your initial keypress will therefore not make a sound, but the duplicated key press will be played at full volume.

    4) by default it will retrigger synced to the tempo at 1/16. If for example you want the sample to play after a pause for a certain number of ms, change the 'sync' dropdown to 'free' and change the 'rate' accordingly

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