Why are many instruments not editable even in the full version of Kontakt 7 ?

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It's understood that in the Kontakt Player instruments can only be opened and played with minimum controls on the surface, deep under the hood editing can't be done.

But that is where the full version of Kontakt is supposedly different, that is, deep under the hood full editing of the instruments can be done (mapping editor, wave editor, script editor and so on).

But in the full version of Kontakt 7 to which I updated to yesterday, I find many instruments are still not editable, that is, they still have the gear icon instead of the wrench icon, on clicking of which only an options window opens and not the full editor. I find this seems to be the case even with the new "Kontakt Factory Library 2" and many other instruments.

Is this a bug ? OR am I missing something, like some setting maybe ?


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  • Sunborn
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    Kontakt Factory Library 2 is locked for editing because the UI toolkit that was used for the interface is not yet public for everyone to use. Hopefully this will be change on a future version.

  • just_jump
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    I think it depends on the instrument and what the developer has allowed.

    As I understand things now, the main things with Kontakt full version are you get the full factory library, you can use free (or not) unlicensed (they didn't pay NI to be usable in free player) libraries, and you can build your own libraries.

  • ramscapri
    ramscapri Member Posts: 10 Member

    Thanks for your replies @Sunborn and @just_jump

    Let's hope the new UI toolkit gets unlocked soon so that these instruments become fully editable.

    This applies not only to 'Kontakt Factory Library 2' but also to many other instruments where editing has been locked, quite possibly because they may have also been created using the new UI toolkit.

  • Arepo_Tenets
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    I'd like to see this as well!

    I can't find a way to script them, and that is a major downgrade for me, as I use scripts all the time.

    I am missing the "solo" toggle in so many instruments

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