Best settings/preferences for Kontakt?

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I'm a DP user running a MBP M1Max 64GB memory and a Thunderbolt 3/4 SSD RAID. Over the last few months, I have been experiencing some off memory issues. Been trying to nail it down and since I use a lot of Kontakt 7 based VSTs, I'm thinking it's a problem with the Kontakt.

I used to be able to have dozens of instances of Kontakt running without having any memory issues, but lately I can only have maybe 12?!?! I typically use Cinematic Studio Series, Heavyocity, and other libraries.

Anyone having similar issues and or can recommend the best setting for Kontakt preferences/settings.

Also, someone mentioned a while back that Kontakt automatically reuses samples in memory if you use the same library. So, if I had a Kontakt instance with CSS Violin 1 on track 1 and another on track 2 so double an octave down, will both instances use the same sample pool or load them again?

Thanks for any information and help.




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