I'm an extremely confused newbie,having just purchased KONTAKT 7: unable to install libraries

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Hi, I"ve been making electronic music for many years and am computer savvy and running a laptop with an Intel i7 processor with WIN10 Pro.

I just recently purchased KONTAKT 7 and am trying to install libraries in it.

I went to NATIVE ACCESS and chose a CONTENT location and put all instruments I've loaded in that place. When I open up KONTAKT 7 as a VSTi in FLStudio, it will not show me those instruments; it also shows me other instruments that NATIVE ACCESS has recognized but will not let me install them into KONTAKT.

I've read several articles but , obviously, I"m missing something very simple and basic.

Can you advise, please!!!!


  • aidenstunes
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    I'd first of all double check that the content path is actually correct. If you can open up Kontakt 7's VST and it's simply empty from libraries. What other instruments are being presented to you btw? I am not sure I fully understand the situation. You can DM me and hopefully if I stay connected I'll add you on Discord or something and try to solve it for you.

  • looppool
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    Thanks so much, Aidentunes, it's very kind of you to offer.

    One thing I discovered is that if I literally drag the individual INSTRUMENTS in from the content folder that I chose, I can get the instruments to load. This seems like a klunky way to do it, but it works for now. I'm exhausted having tried to fix this for a few hours so I'm going to go to sleep right now, but I'll be back to you if I have more problems with it.

    Also, if you are a sample collector, I have a drum sample collection that I normally sell that is incredibly extensive. I have worked on it since the days when we used to blow sounds into eproms and put them in Emu drum machines in the late 80's. It's pretty dope if you like percussion/drums/drum machines, et. al.

    If you send me your email address, I'll let you download it for free just for being so kind. Okay, thanks a lot, Rick Walker aka looppool aka Purple Hand

  • Paul B
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    I don't think that the Native Access content folder setting is effective for anything not installed through Native Access.

    This is probably what you want: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/6677339715741-How-to-Add-Non-Player-Libraries-to-KONTAKT-7-s-Browser

    Using this I am able to add multiple libraries at once (if you tick the box to say 'Import folders as individual libraries'. I have my non-NA installed libraries in vendor specific folders, so I import each vendor's folder. You can also import one by one.

    After import, the libraries will show in the Kontakt 7 browser and be usable the same way as other instruments. They probably won't have proper icons, only a generic folder image. I believe that you can add icons, but I have not looked into it yet.

    I had some interesting groupings. One of the vendors (Sound Dust) has releases which I group by category in my directory structure. E.g. some are in a folder structure: 'Sound Dust->Modular Chaos Engine-><library name>', while others are in the root of Sound Dust, i.e. 'Sound Dust-><library name>. The grouped ones show up as a single tile in the browser with the name 'Modular Chaos Engine' and the individual libraries show up as banks within that 'instrument'. While the others show up as individual libraries. My guess is that Kontakt is assuming all libraries are in folders within the root, and it doesn't see nested folder structures as individual libraries. So if yours are all together in the top level of the content folder, you should be fine. If by vendor, you'll probably get a vendor tile with each instrument as a bank within that (which if you want it that way, all good).

    I can't guarantee what will happen if the content you're importing is in the same location as the Native Access installed libraries. I think Kontakt will recognise that libraries installed through Native Access are already available and not duplicate them or do anything strange, but I have not tested. I don't keep that content in the same place.

    You may have an error stating 'incompatible files'. Kontakt won't tell you which ones if you are bulk importing. E.g. I had one of my Sound Dust libraries that is not compatible. I had to go through each and 'Rescan' to find the one. The linked document explains how to batch resave and rescan to fix this. This is said to be because they were made with Kontakt 4 or earlier (I have one that contains both Kontakt 4 and 5 versions, 5 is imported and works, 4 is not). Note the warning that if you want them to open in Kontakt 5/6 as well as 7, you need to resave with that version and not 7.

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