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Hi guys,

I've been very happy using traktor directly connected by USB to my Pionneer DJM 750.

Since I play several times a week and I carry my gear everywhere, I'm trying to have duplicates of all my gear, so I dont miss any gig if something brakes.

Whats a good cheaper alternative for Pionneer DJM, thats USB capable, and traktor compatible?



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    If your alternative mixer really has to be cheaper than a Pioneer DJM 750 MKII, I would recommend the following mixers with a similar design and a similar user interface, provided they have to have 4 channels and are USB Capable:

    • Reloop RMX 95
    • Allan & Heath Xone 43C
    • Mixars Quattro

    Edit: Xone 43C not 43

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    • Xone 43C is the one with the build in sound card. And sadly discontinued. From ~700 EUR used though. Good mixer.
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    oh, thanks for the tip. changed it now. seems like the mixars quattro is no longer available either, which actually makes my list obsolete, because I wanted to point out that there are other good mixers on the market that are cheaper than Pioneer. 

    But now it looks as if it would be difficult to find anything useful at the moment besides the RMX 95 from Reloop.

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    Allan & Heath Xone 43C

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