CDJ 3000 Loop Adjust Not Working with TRAKTOR


I've encountered an issue when playing on CDJ 3000's using Traktor on laptop connected via USB. The loop IN/OUT adjust function used to shorten or lengthen a loop start/end position using the CDJ 3000 jog wheel doesn't work. When I have a loop running on a track and hit the IN/ADJUST button, it cancels the loop and simply sets a new loop start position wherever I was on the track. And when I hit the loop OUT/ADJUST button when I have a loop running, it simply exists out of the loop instead of going into loop length adjust mode. It's a fun feature to use during buildups but I somehow cannot get the IN/OUT loop buttons to act that way anymore when a loop is already running. I can only use them to create a loop, but hitting those buttons again when the loops is running simply exits out of the loop instead of giving me the option to adjust its length.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

I am running the latest version of Traktor and the CDJ 3000's have been updated to the latest firmware.

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