Razor Vocoder in Reaper

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HI there,

Can anyone help me set up the Razor Vocoder in Reaper? I open it via the Reaktor Player.



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  • uksnowy
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    From memory, not at my PC right now, Razor needs a modulator input i.e. voice routed to it. Try this:

    Insert Reaktor with Razor on a channel. I can't remember if this works with the VSTi version of Reaktor. You might need to use the VST version. Try the VSTi first.

    on a second channel have your mic or recorded speech. I prefer to record my vocal raw first and then send to the vocoder but it also possible to do it live but beware latency can be a pain.

    Then route the vocal track to the Reaktor track using the track send in Reaper. Just like you would making an FX send. You may need to route vocal track 1&2 to Reaktor 3&4 or 1&2. One of these will work.

    You will need select one of the Vocoder patches in Razor and send some MIDI information to Reaktor and speak or play your vocal recording to hear the vocoder effect.

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    If you use the guide provided by Paule some of the questions in my answer are answered. So if you use it in conjunction with my guidance you should get there.

  • davedave17
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    It works. Thx!

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