studio monitors

ronnie_cessna Member Posts: 71 Newcomer

anyone interested in selling studio monitors?

couldn't find a tag


  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,459 Expert

    There is Buy and Sell thread at this forum, better write there. But it is used mostly for SW and a bit for NI HW. Better place to ask would probably be web with secondhand musical HW.

    And also most probably nobody is going to send them, so maybe at least country and town might help. And maybe the size required and price limit/range ( they may cost from 250 EUR to many thousands for a pair).

    It is as if you wrote anyone interested in selling a car.

  • ronnie_cessna
    ronnie_cessna Member Posts: 71 Newcomer

    I wasn't sure if I can ask about non native products even after reading community guidelines. Turns out I found what I was looking for and got a good deal. Thanks anyway.

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