Kontakt 7 libraries out of order in Libraries tab

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Hey folks, I'm having an issue with K7 on a MacPro running 12.6.6. I keep my libraries in the Libraries tab in order, sorted by type of library (strings, winds, etc.). For the last couple of months, things have been pretty scrambled, and it doesn't seem to hold onto the order I put them in, if I drag them around they're back out of order the next time I load Kontakt. Not a huge problem, but it'd be great to be able to have it back the way it was. Any suggestions?


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  • JeffT
    JeffT Member Posts: 3 Member
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    Yeah, I was resisting the AZ button because I was worried that it was going to scrap everything and I'd have to start over with reorganizing everything. I just bit the bullet and tried it though, and it now seems to be retaining the order I'm putting them in, so that's good news. It's still a little scrambled, but it's way better than starting from scratch. Thanks for your help!


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