Plugin Selection Overlay fix(possible feature request)

Way~D Member Posts: 22 Member

Is there some setting somewhere that allows me to keep the plug in window open, but also switch the plug in to something else without moving the plug in or closing it out?

Currently when you have the plug in window open and you want to use the plug in menu to open another or replace it, the plug in window is BEHIND the current open Plug in window. I feel this should be an easy fix somehere.

some plug ins take up more of my screen than others( Which is why the native plug ins probably have the mini menu situation)


  • LostInFoundation
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    edited June 2023

    Why not just moving it out of the way?

  • Way~D
    Way~D Member Posts: 22 Member

    the picture attached is from my desktop, that has a widescreen and a second monitor so thats fine, but on my laptop where certain plug in take up a majority of the screen, that isn't an option

  • ozon
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    I know what you mean… IMO Neural DSP plugin UIs look nice, but use way too much screen estate and have a very inconsistent and annoying sizing feature. I always have to minimize the view after opening them with the size toggle at the bottom right corner.

    BTW, interesting concept to run Massive through a high quality guitar amp sim 😎

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