KK - "do you want this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device"

Rikk Show
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Every time I start Komplete Kontrol, my Windows 10 throws this message:

"do you want this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device"

It also says "Publisher Unknown".

Anyone know how to fix this issue so I don't have to click "Yes" in the error box?

KK v2.9.3

Win 10 is up to date as well.


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  • Sunborn
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    As a general advice: For a serious music production you must disable ALL those archaic Windows nonsense, while having a trustful Antivirus to deal with possible problems.

    In most cases, those are fake alerts.

    "Publisher Unknown" indicates that the file (.exe or .dll etc) is missing the digital signatures by a trusted publisher. But it doesn't mean that the program is necessarily "bad". There are numerous reasons for those missing digital signatures starting from a new publisher name that isn't registered yet, up to even a pirated software.

  • Rikk Show
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    So, you suggest Native Instruments haven't digitally signed Komplete Kontrol, really?

    How would a pirated Komplete Kontrol get downloaded from Native Access from my registered account?

    I don't think you are serious in your response. Was it some type of joke?

    And disable the Windows protection, that is there to protect your computer from viruses, sounds like a really bad idea.

    Anyone having some actual useful advice?

    I would appreciate that. Thanks.

  • Sunborn
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    ...Jesus.... 🙄

    1) I didn't "suggest" anything. That, is your assumption. I just told you what means the "Publisher Unknown" message! I am using Windows for 25 years, on a professional level.

    2) I never said to "disable protection". I said that, those silly Windows nag screens are far from been a serious security. They are there for the very inexperienced users only, no advance user uses them, instead they invest on a good Pro Antivirus solution. What i suggested was to disable those kind of warnings and not your Windows security, because in most cases are false (as probably is now with your KK -it is a false warning, since as you said you get it through Native Access)! And for much better security i suggested you to replace it with a real Antivirus/Security suite.

    In more simple words, what i suggested was this setting, assuming that you do have a good antivirus of course!

    3) I am very serious in my responds and i don't do jokes with people that i don't know.

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