New SSD for better & consistent load times

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Hello, I wanted to consult something with the community about a new ssd drive for my kontakt / KK libraries. yesterday I upgraded to Komplet 14 standard and I want to take advantage and relocate to a faster external drive, everything works fine now, but sometimes it doesn't jerk with my current samsung t7 due to its SLC cache, the question is if I upgrade to a ssd tb-3 nvme type OWC will help. What do you think? The computer and Kontakt / kk are installed perfectly, and the buffers and tricks are applied. I would appreciate your point of view for the choice of new ssd.

computer; Mac Studio

all librarias batch and resaved and memory cache ok.


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    Generally there can be more causes or bottlenecks in things and sometimes the delay can be because of too little System RAM , a CPU not up to the task , and AV program kicking in, or......

    I guess that you are referring to stuff like :

    OWC Envoy Pro SX SSD - 1 TB - M.2 NVMe - Thunderbolt 3

    OWC Envoy Express Thunderbolt 3 Bus-Powered Enclosure for NVMe M.2 SSD

    To me it doesn't appear that reassuring but I do not know the brand. On paper at least then it might boost speeds a lot , but in practicality I just don't know. For drives and performance then prior to buying then also read reviews to get to know some of the pro and cons. Also today , it is rather important to understand that SSD drives have a certain amount of times they can write to same memory before they are in danger of fail it's usually a number given in PT (Petabyte) and fastest drives are not always those with most longevity, (I haven't seen any number given for the OWC drives) Also MS have introduced something called DirectStorage which is something to consider if playing games , but that is for internal NVME drive use only.

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    Thank you, I ended picking a 1TB nvme M2 with tb4 enclosure, really fix all. Thanx again

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