How to play with 2 traktors in midi clock, s4 + s5

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Here is my problem:

I would like to mix with 2 traktor instances, I have the S5 traktor controller and my friend has the S4 MK1 controller with midi input and output.

I have a steinberg UR22mk2 midi interface and a Denon DDM-4000 mixer (with midi in and out).

I can't find anywhere a midi connection diagram for these 2 controllers to work in midi sync.

I watched the native news and couldn't find a video about this.

i'm running win 10 and my friend mac os 10.14.

I would like you to give me a connection diagram to connect these 2 instances of traktor or tell me how to connect traktor S5 in sync with traktor S4.

Thank you very much.

jean marc



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