Is there a way to just download the Kontakt 7 Player by itself on Mojave??

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I just bought Duets and the KarriemRigginsDrums from the Play Series instruments and when I try to use them, I get a message that says my version of Kontakt Player (Kontakt 6 Player) is too old to use these instruments. My other instruments, like the Rickenbacker Bass, still work fine. I know that Kontakt 7 doesn't work with Mojave. I'm just wondering if there is a way to download the Kontakt 7 Player by itself. All I really want is the plugin for the Kontakt 7 Player so that I can play these new instruments. I can't update my OS because I have Protools 12 and I don't want to lose it and mess with my projects. Is this at all possible?

Sidenote: When I downloaded Duets and the KarriemRigginsDrums in Native Access, I was prompted to download Kontakt 7 Player as well but it wouldn't go past the "calculating download time" message.

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    These instruments indeed require Kontakt 7 (as written on their product pages) and so will all future instruments that will get released.

    Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass was made for Kontakt 5 and it's normal that instruments from older Kontakt versions will work fine in newer ones. It just won't work the other way round.

    I think you have two options here:

    • Take the risk and update your OS (though you may want to create a backup of your projects)
    • Try requesting a refund for Duets and Karriem Riggins Drums
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    @Monochrome I'm aware of this, per my question. I'm asking if it's possible to download the Kontakt 7 player by itself (without installing Native Access 2) and if it would work with Mojave as just a player.

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    Sadly, no. Kontakt 7 Player itself requires macOS 10.15, 11, 12 or 13 (latest update) as per the System Requirements.

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    Player and Full version share the same requirements, so even Player will not work on Mojave

    In any case, all NI products require NA

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    hello! I have kontakt it really worth to upgrade? also if I update from mojave to catalina will it work smoothly? thanks

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