MIDI from Maschine mk3 to Logic Pro ..... won't Record!!



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    Dear @Jeremy_NI ,

    @Kaiwan_NI and @Matt_NI

    i do respect you and we had already our discussions but hey I do producing/programming/HD recording since almost 30 years, so please take this as an advice and not trying to criticse or anything but this is now a FACT. ( jeeeez)

    MASCHINE Studio, MK3 or any of your hardware is NOT compatible for recording/transfering MIDI DATA even through MIDI hardware (MOTU for example) to the newest Version of LOGIC pro on a Apple Computer. As simple as that. I tried all versions and possibilities from virtual to whatever. With a Midikeyboard it works or any other Masterkeyboard. But that is than. Even if you try through Audio Midi Set up yu cant connect your hardware. Thats a fact !

    You can post your links as many times as you want or close the threads but aint changing the situation. SO please tell your programming department to either re-route the MIDI Channels or to fix it completly with a new update ( dont see any other solution) cause "this" are seriously issues a company of your profile should not have at all.

    Nothing personal just saying!

    Cheers and happy Valentines to everyone.


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    Technically, it’s an au plugin limitation, because they don’t output midi , au3 was meant to fix that , tho it’s down to the vendor to update the plugin .

    any way I was messing with maschine and logic the other day , and I see there’s a new logic virtual port , this let me sync maschine standalone to logic and record midi from a maschine pattern to logics timeline , didn’t do much testing , been meaning to test it some more

    here’s a thread and a video


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    After some testing

    I can use more than one group set to different midi channels , ( currently using four , drums and 3 synths ) but the issue I’ve found is with the drum groups , you set it to group/ drumkit , but you can’t select a midi channel for the group , so every midi channel triggers it, if you have notes playing that are the same as the ones assigned to the drum sounds playing - , C2 onwards , if you set the group to manual , logic just triggers all the drums with one note .

    so if NI add a setting to select the midi in channel for the group in drumkit mode it should work fine

    automation works too , assign/learn a cc to a maschine function , send cc from logic , you only have 127 overall , you can’t send the same cc on different midi channels

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    The standalone is fine but as a plug in and not only in LOGIC also in LIVE for example it aint working. i twisted and turned all possible ways. <Two possibilities. Eiter they want you to buy a NI MIdi keyboard or the programmers were like "okay midi is going out, we are fine" but the receveing issue we do not care. I attached a classy pic from Logic. so easy to resolve the issue if you normally know how. But hey thats not the only thing going wrong in Germany lately.


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    the plugin working with logic has always been a issue , because of the limitations of au plugins, plus logic’s flaky and apple are always changing stuff ,

    I was doing YouTube videos on it back in 2017 ish , and ended up giving up trying to integrate the two , basically all the plugin is good for is using 1 group , which has its uses , but it’s no good if you want to get a complete trk out of maschine into logic

    ive owned logic since I got maschine in 2014 , I sold my copy of cubase and got it , which I’ve always regretted , it sat on my desktop for 10 years rarely use , I have a look when they update or add stuff , which has been a lot , and makes me want to use it , but ironically I find logic illogical

    I use a hapax as my main sequencer now , and I’ve been trying to integrate some vst , synths, logics samplers in my setup , I’ve been using MainStage for that purpose, but that was because, a couple of years back , I couldn’t get logic to playback multitrack midi .

    on the off chance I tried it again the other day , and it works now , logics still flakey tho , and still gives me problems, but then again so is MainStage, tho I might be throwing too much midi data it’s way.

    anyway that lead me to try maschine , especially when I see the new logic virtual port , so maybe a future update might make them work together more coherently .

    i don’t use ableton, are you sure you’re using the vst plugin of maschine and not the au ? , because ableton and cubase were two daws that did work , because they use vst

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    "I find logic illogical!

    made my day...LMAO!

    as mentioned before I did Logic since EMAGIC times around 1997 or something like that - Apple bought them became Logic ******, also systems like OS 9 on Apple. disaster. But one thing we always could handle was the MIDI tracks. Sometimes up to 40-50 Track in on tune. Mostly it dpeends on the MIDI router (motu express128) u got, than the driver was many times the issue in our case but somehow we did downgrade or manage it.

    Once u got it, always works until Maschine 2. And seriously as much as I like NI they always had issues, always. did the vst /AU , I just can say "salute " to the Programmer @ NI. Bad Job just dont know, if it s on purpose for sales department or they are really that bad/paid. As long they were only in berlin it somehow was better, now they got Funds and all that capital creepy stuff arpund. but still you do expect in times when we fly to the MARS that at least the MIDI functions as a Plug in should work for couple of hundred EUROS or so.....

    But as you said Logic illogical. great.

    p.s. Did try Cubase, Ableton, never MAinstage but a lot ProTools until they changed to subscription mode.

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    lol made me chuckle, maybe it’s me , I invert my axis on a joystick, tho with cubase and maschine I rarely needed the manual, I can click around the software and get use to it , but with logic , I’m like , what happened there , how did I do that , how did/do I change that behaviour , why ain’t that working , there’s actually a part of me that thinks the refurbished m2 mini I brought last year is faulty, lol

    I never used maschine v1 and I had a pre Logic Pro version for a day , when I upgraded from an Atari st to a g4 Mac , because the guy at the music store was like “Apple own it now “ ,i couldn't get on with it , tho I looking back I didn’t give it enough time , and there was not so much info on the internet like today, so ,I returned it and got cubase which I was using on the st , so I could hit the ground running

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