MIDI from Maschine mk3 to Logic Pro ..... won't Record!!

Tim Pratt
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I have a newer Mac Studio m1 running Logic Pro on Mac OS Ventura. I have an Akai mini MPK and a Maschine MK3 hooked up to it thru USB via an Alexis io2 interface and MIDI running from Maschine in and out from midi cables hooked up and through a MOTU MIDI hub. everything is set up according to everything I have read from NI and Apple.

so I add a new software track to logic with the MK3 chosen as instrument and the stereo option highlighted. I set the Maschine up as shown in the NI database videos so I believe everything is correct. (I can hear the sounds, the level meters move but I go to record on that track in MIDI and nothing happens. it doesn't turn red while recording like every other time you record.. nothing) but nothing records. nothing is left on track..

BUT! with everything still set up the same and I play the keys of the AKAI mimi it plays the sounds from the Maschine AND it will record!!?!!?? it records fine no problems, turned red, track has midi info left there when done.

I'm hoping it is a setting that I am just not 'setting' or something that makes sense rather than something making me realize I need to go back to school... for something else... like being a mechanic or....

anyways! thanks in advance for any help anyone can throw my way!



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  • LostInFoundation
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    Did you route midi from Maschine pads in the midi tab in Maschine software to the track in Logic? And set up Logic track to receive it?

  • Tim Pratt
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    I followed the steps in the Native Instruments Support Database.

    in Maschine i have MIDI setup:

    INPUT: Routings:

    Key Mode: Manual. Source: Host Channel: All Start Note C3


    Audio: Master Cue: On. Level 0.0 Pan: Center

    in Logic I opened up new project, selected AU Instruments: Native Instruments: Maschine 2 (stereo)(I am only experimenting with the one track... I will setup for multi at later date after I have figured this out)... it shows it as MIDI track with stereo output to headphones.

    I reset everything again a couple of times now and it still happens as explained above... I can hear the sounds, see the level meter move, hit record the metronome starts I play the pads, hear the sound nothing records... but I reach over to the other side of my desk where the mini Akai is and touch the keyboard and it plays the Maschine sound AND it WILL record! I'm stumped.

    thx guys for the responses!!

  • Jeremy_NI
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    What is the Maschine MK3 input selected inside Logic? Can you post a screenshot?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,918 mod

    @Tim Pratt Any update on the issue?

  • daniel1210
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    I had the same problem and tried the link here above from NI. I get 16 channels Logic, I've routed the input/sounds/midi to host and ch1 to ch 16 depending on which pad. And I've set the group input midi to drum kit. But every pad now triggers every channel (and nothing gets recorded). I (of course it something I'm missing because Im a n00b. But what?!)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Did you follow all these steps?

    1. Launch Logic Pro.
    2. Create a Software Instrument track with MASCHINE loaded on it. Tick the Multi-timbral box and enter 16 in the parts field, as shown below. This will create 16 MIDI tracks that will automatically be assigned to MIDI channels 1 through 16 in ascending order.
    1. Open the MASCHINE plug-in window and load a Group Kit and click the Channel Icon to access the Sound's configuration pane.
    2. Select Input > MIDI, then change the Source to Host and the Channel to 1.
    3. Repeat these steps for each Sound, assigning the Channel to its corresponding number (e.g. Sound 2 to Channel 2, Sound 3 to Channel 3, etc.).
    1. Each MIDI track in the multi-timbral instrument now respectively triggers each Sound in the loaded Group. Instruments and drum samples can be played chromatically on each track. To play Drum samples at their original pitch, trigger the C3 note.

  • steelo
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    does this method allow you to directly record the midi parts into logic? As if so, I can't seem to figure out how. I can record into Maschine 2 vet this way then drag & drop only ...


  • orbosphere
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    I'm struggling with this issue as well. I want to be able to record midi notes I have in Maschine patterns through the host OUT to Logic. I've watched countless videos on this but I can't seem to figure it out. When I start recording in logic, I can hear everything, but no midi notes are recorded into logic. I can use the drag & drop feature to move midi from Maschine to Logic, but I'd prefer to record the midi during playback, so that if I do any pattern switching, the result of that is recorded into Logic.

    Did you ever figure this out? Thanks.

  • Nickalexpoole
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    I've done the same thing and still nothing will record. It won't record into logic and it won't record in the Maschine plug in loaded into the software instrument. Also the play button on the hardware doesn't do anything. I'm tearing my hair out with this 😂

    iv'e also tried the steps in the video on YouTube called "How to Route MASCHINE 2 Sounds to Separate Audio Tracks in Logic Pro X" to make separate auxiliary tracks and still nothing.

  • logicpromachine
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    no MIDI from Maschine in Logic Pro still - mine just collects dust so I thought I would see if this was fixed. Nope. Back to the shelf it goes.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Nickalexpoole @logicpromachine That should work. To record notes in Logic you need to turn the MK3 into MIDI mode (SHIFT + CHANNEL MIDI).

    Make sure that this input is selected in Logic:

    If you still don't have any notes recorded, open Controller Editor, go to Edit -> New, this will reset the device MIDI assignments to factory default.

  • logicpromachine
    logicpromachine Member Posts: 31 Member

    The problem is the Maschine plug-in in Logic. No matter what I tried the MIDI notes did not come into Logic. Logic does work with the A49, just not the Maschine. I now use a KORG for pads since the Maschine never worked.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @logicpromachine As outlined in this thread already, following these steps:

    Recording MIDI Notes in Logic Pro X from MASCHINE

    Triggering MASCHINE Sounds from MIDI Tracks in Logic Pro

    Plus the additional steps in the thread you should be good to go.

  • logicpromachine
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    Wow I wish I would have known that when I bought the Maschine. This kind of configuration should not be necessary. Out of the box this product does not work and since there is no product manual included how is anyone supposed to know about these additional steps? I was ready to throw this unit away or sell it.

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