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Hey Community,

my Setup is MK3 with a MacBook Pro. I now want to add komplete kontrol m32 and want to use all 3 devices at the same time.

MK3 has only one USB which is connected with my MacBook.

komplete kontrol m32 has only one USB. No Midi. But I need to connect the komplete kontrol m32 to the MK3.

So the MK3 lacks one usb port.

what’s a possible solution, using an USB to midi cable to connect komplete kontrol m32 with the MK3?

thx for any hint.


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    Yes, everything is done via MIDI over USB so just think as everything as having a MIDI to USB converter and the PC being a midi hub, in Maschine you simply select the devices that appear as MIDI inputs, no need to direct connect things these days. You do not even have to connect direct to the PC, you can use a USB hub if you need more than the 2 "generous" ports Apple decide is a usable amount on a device.

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