Audio 8 and Audio 6 on Monterey

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Ive been using an Audio 6 on Monterey for some time using various software, very successfully. I thought Id 'upgrade' to an 8 as I need a dedicated mic channel on my sound card....You know what happens next right ? My MacBook Pro does not recognise the 8 at all... newbie error here..... Is there a fix at all??? do I just ditch the 8?

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    Audio 8 is no more supported since Big Sure or so. Maybe Catalina was the last one? Grab a Audio 10 for Monterey and it should work.

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    Unfortunately the last supported OS for Audio 8 is El Capitan @kevdasrobot

    More info here

    Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS

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    is there a work around like with maschine mk1? i have a maschine mk1 running in ventura. Is there some way to get my audio 6 to work with catalina at least


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    Audio 6 works woth Catalina (and Ventura).

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