Loop-based playing through Maschine 2

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To whom it may concern,

If I wanted to do something similar to Reggie Watts and livestream a concert of entirely looped music with my keyboard, a mic, and Maschine, would anyone have any recommendations as how best to approach that?

My guess would be make a public show/spectacle of building percussion, bass and keyboard loops, maybe some vocal ones in "Ideas" mode, and then decide, in the heat of the moment, to switch between them as I'm singing/playing, then move on to the next piece, keeping some set amount of time to sketch it out to maintain excitement (like no more than 5 minutes to build something).

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    In my opinion, 5 min are already a risk for nowadays standards of span attention. Specially if your audience will be very young

    Probably an approach that allows you to know in advance what you will do, with some preparation of what you will play (not meaning prerecorded loops, but knowing how your musical piece will be structured to then perform it live) could help to build up (and move between the song sections) in a faster way.

    There are apps that even allows you to lay down your song structure in advance and will turn on/off recording of determined sections/instruments automatically

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