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  • Teknophil
    Teknophil Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I Hope Music Côme directly from your Brain no need for ai to compose thé same Electronic beats

  • mcProject
    mcProject Member Posts: 1 Member

    AI will bring a lot of change in the music world or at least will help draw the line between original and inspiring music and the mediocre stuff

  • Zoltán Bartha
    Zoltán Bartha Member Posts: 1 Member

    The next decade will be like this past ten years, a ton of boring stuff, you need to hunt a good production, because nobody has any good, fresh, unique idea, like the movie industry. The people try to use the AI, but this will be terrible thing, because the AI level is not ready for this. The AI don't capable to make good creative things, just use them in the calculations. If the NI don't want a victim of a new Nokia effect, they need to close up to the other companies instantly, because the other companies developing new functions with lightspeed, and they make a new hardwares, like the stand alone controllers.

  • Remo Leonzi
    Remo Leonzi Member Posts: 1 Member

    The rapid advancement of technology, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, will reshape the music industry by providing immersive and interactive experiences for listeners. This technological shift will enable artists to experiment with diverse genres and styles, resulting in a more eclectic and boundary-pushing musical landscape. Furthermore, the increasing focus on sustainability and social impact will encourage musicians to use their platforms to address important societal issues and promote positive change. Overall, these developments will contribute to a transformative and forward-thinking era in the music world.

  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 104 Advisor

    Full of AI

  • Juanraidhs
    Juanraidhs Member Posts: 1 Member

    Although I am a Vinyl Lover and there are many records being released, Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to use vinyl as timecodes. #onlytherealdjsplayvinyl

  • Marco Ambrosino
    Marco Ambrosino Member Posts: 1 Member

    Music will be AI, but "the answer" 4ever!

  • Macko
    Macko Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    My vision is that technology will allow artists to be more productive and will enable musicians to convert inspiration increasingly easy into expression and creativity. That development will affect the standards of the art form, particularly in contemporary composed music.

  • rtessler
    rtessler Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Its all about convenience. No more amplifiers, no more racks of keyboards. We are living in small apartments and using public transport. Gear will be what we can carry on the bus. Live performance will be streamlined to 5 minute setup time. I envisage more seemless music laptop integrations. AI music will not replace live performance. Live performance will endure but gear will be small and portable.

  • holonology
    holonology Member Posts: 83 Helper
    edited June 2023

    I think AI will be part of music, but I also think the extent to which it will be able to be used is probably overestimated. Where it will really help, is extending the explosion of hobbyist producers (myself included.) Just like you still drive your car like you always used to; just now it can park itself. AI will become a tool to help you learn and to assist you in the process of learning to make tracks, whether that be through music theory (eg: melodics) tooltips (eg: Syntorial) or assitive learning agents (eg: Izotope.) The key point here is you're still gonna have to learn to write the tracks in the first place.

    I also think GUI design will move away from representations of physical hardware. We've had many years of the likes of UAD and others making UIs that did an important job - to translate physical hardware into software. The natural way to do this is with skeumorphic design, so the old world is directly represented in the new. But in a world of clicks, taps and swipes - we do not need GUIs that directly model old gear. For example in Ableton, you still see dials but they are not skeumorphic, they are more function over form. The same goes for the iPad version of Logic. The best new instruments will be the ones that combine that same attention to detail from an audio perspective; but who can also package that up in a GUI fit for modern screens and gestures.

  • Startiel
    Startiel Member Posts: 43 Member

    I believe the music world is expected to be shaped by trends such as lossless audio, spatial audio and most importantly AI. While some producers think that AI music generators could replace them in the future, I think it would be much better if AI becomes a help tool instead of composing music by itself. This would allow producers to focus on the creative aspects of music production while still benefiting from the efficiency and accuracy that AI can provide.

  • buffalo joe
    buffalo joe Member Posts: 4 Member

    The return of Skiffle.

    I play the spoons, hit me up for a collab.

  • musictechtuition
    musictechtuition Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    AI will replace a lot of boilerplate music making, and give tools which are much more responsive to beginners. AI-powered DAWs will work more like a current engineer or producer does - with you asking in plain English for what you want, and it knowing the right techniques to achive the mix/effect you're looking for.

    This will all be unrecognisable to current DAW users and producers.

    But even so, still no-one will care about MIDI 2.0 😀

  • davidagates
    davidagates Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    We are at a cornerstone, of which we've never been. The closest thing would be the Internet revolution but I believe the upcoming AI wave is going to dwarf that. Where will we be? Its impossible to tell, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. AI offers us two possible outcomes, 1) unbridled support and efficiency, allowing us to create at a rate that is unprecedented. 2) The large scale end of us being able to make money with music. The only way we can survive is by harnessing that which us quintessentially human, the love of the craft. If we've got the right tools (Kontakt, for example continues to astound me, it was unthinkable when I began music), then we'll weather the storm as we'll be offering something extra. Soul.

  • Haruneko
    Haruneko Member Posts: 2 Member

    Listeners will split in two: those (the majority) who'll accept AI music the same way they did with autotune and quantization, and those who'll reject it, and get back to really played music, with real instruments (acustic or not)... today they are a niche, but this niche will become way larger the next decade. This split is going to be stronger than the usual genre split (like heavy metal listeners hating pop/disco listeners in the 80s - and viceversa, etc...)

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