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  • MoHoK
    MoHoK Member Posts: 17 Member

    nowhere good...

    ai will take advantage.. probably not 100% but will have a great pace... but i don't see it as a good thing anyway... art is already losing their value..artists and music will lose that value too.. all in the name of doing stuff without effort, knowledge or whatever...

  • chrisleau
    chrisleau Member Posts: 1 Member

    Music is constant and continues with time. A perpetual movement with a language of its own 🌐

  • Tarkkaamo
    Tarkkaamo Member Posts: 1 Member

    AI will be established as a tool like a sequencer or sampler have been done earlier.

  • Jaaba
    Jaaba Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Of course, we will see the rapid increase of AI-tailored songs on-demand; choose your favorite band/genre and the AI will create you songs based on your selections.

    BUT, there will be backlash when music created with acoustic instruments will be valued even higher than before.

  • Joshua
    Joshua Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    The music worlds going through a huge transformation, and there’s gonna be artists that we listen to that make great music. 3-4 yrs after that someone’s gonna come forward and say that the artist that you love is just AI. Sampled instruments are gonna be even more popular than ever, and you’d probably only need a midi keyboard to make the greatest hits. Mixing is probably gonna be even easier, with AI EQs telling you exactly where the ringing/shrill frequencies are.

  • SinDJ
    SinDJ Member Posts: 1 Member

    Arena filling bands/stars are dying out, music is dissolving into many subgenres and everyone can find their own niche thing. GenZ and younger don't really care about live performances being actually performed so we're basically getting mp3s played at us while some people on the stage jump around and dance.

  • Nick Blanc
    Nick Blanc Member Posts: 12 Member

    Music moves in waves. So do trends. Technology makes these waves shorter and shorter. Remember when a genre was booming for years? That's months now. Continue that and popular trends & styles are no longer a thing. It's becoming one big pile and your personalized algorithm feeds your needs. For better or for worse...

  • psyh0x
    psyh0x Member Posts: 15 Member

    i will tell you the future of traktor -

    Traktor version 8.0 -

    Whats new ?

    nothing much

    we changed the logo again! and added some more beatgrid colours and fonts

    stems seperations is almost there and we are working hard to keep it up with other dj software in the market

    we are still lacking of support on any mac / pc and continuesly say goodbye to old contorllers while we just realease the traktor s4-mk42

    that is just the same as the old ones ..

    comeon im sure you can do better ..

    out of ideas ? asking the community to get em ideas while cant even manage support to current software ..

  • Eclectic Lily
    Eclectic Lily Member Posts: 31 Member

    I think (even with AI) ****** artists will continue to be ****** artists, while great ones will have a powerful new tool to do even more great music!

  • cebec
    cebec Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Came to say AI assisted/generated tech but going to also add that there will also be a trend toward more tactile and direct human interfaces for expressive control.

  • FrontierDK
    FrontierDK Member Posts: 2 Member

    I have a feeling that we're going to see a lot more music. In a world where AI is changing (and some times overtaking) jobs, people will turn to what can make an income - music is a big part of it.

    AI voices have existed for some time now, but they have now also come to a level where it's hard to hear the difference to real people singing. So with both perfect sounding instruments through Kontakt instruments and perfect voices, the road ahead has a lot of possibilities for new music :)

  • bosone
    bosone Member Posts: 38 Member

    As the others already said, I think AI will enter the music in unimaginable ways.

    I recently discovered synthV and it's mind blowing. I think a similar technology will be used for solo instruments and ensembles, making the use of samples and articulations obsolete

    Also, AI will make easier the mix process and the sound design

  • Bats8043
    Bats8043 Member Posts: 4 Member

    AI would possibly be used as a tool but it won't replace human emotions.

  • Aurasic
    Aurasic Member Posts: 22 Member
    edited June 2023

    The obvious? #AI - daaaaaaaaaaa

    But... I guess being all digital now, it gives 'more' young people 'more' power to do music and at low cost start - which is good!

    But... it seems there is an increase in 'creating for Libraries' made mostly by home-creators and mostly used by advertising Companies.

    But... I also guess an increase in other areas where 'back-ground' music is required and that is when #Ambient -ish music enters the game.

    ... and of course LIVE collaborations as most DAW have and are tooling up to have connectivity between creators.

    The Lockdown helped a lot.

    My 2 cents... and 1/2 !


  • Tomi
    Tomi Member Posts: 1 Member

    I bet the music world will be heavily influenced by AI in the following years, however, in my opinion, it will never fully replace the creativity of an individual human being, the ideas and emotions we put into our music.

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