Irish Harp won't show up in Kontakt

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I've reinstalled the Irish harp a couple of times but still can't find it in Kontakt. I can find it in komplete kontrol though, but it just won't be able to load. Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks!

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  • LostInFoundation
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    have you done a rescan of Kontakt plugins?

    The fact that it’s not loading in KK could be normal, since KK is loading Kontakt inside itself

  • Sanskiii
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    If by rescanning you mean the rescan knob here:

    Mine is greyed out :(

  • Sanskiii
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    To add more context to my question:

    I have a large portion of my native instruments' contents library installed in an external SSD. After that SSD got full, I began to install the instruments on my Mac's Users/Shared folder. It used to work fine. Libraries from both locations can be successfully loaded in Kontakt.

    I just checked Kontakt 7's database and it only shows part of the instruments from the Users/shared folder. The Irish harp, despite being installed in the same location, does not show up here. I then clicked on the add button on the right and added the Irish harp manually and relaunched everything but it still won't show up.

    Think it would be a good idea to figure it out asap because I'm probably going to install most of my later purchased instrument libraries to this Users/Shared folder.

  • Valeria
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    I have the same issue. I have installed the Irish Harp and did all the correct steps, I even went through the steps of this article

    However, the plugin won't play in the Komplete Kontrol no matter what I do. It shows up gray and there is this message: Could not load plugin

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Sanskiii What version of Kontakt are you using? Irish Harp requires Kontakt 7.3.0 as a minimum.

  • Sanskiii
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    Turns out my Kontakt version is out of date. Just updated it to 7 and everything works fine now. Thanks for reminding me!

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