Esperto in Native Instruments su Roma

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Buon giorno

volevo sapere se su Roma c'è qualcuno esperto per poter fare alcune domande sui prodotti di Native.


  • LostInFoundation
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    Rispondo in inglese perché il forum è English only.

    The question is if there is somebody expert on NI products close to Rome to ask some questions

    Depending on how deep the questions are, you can always try to ask them here (in English) since there are many users that can share their expertise with you

  • RinoMargiasso
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    The questions I address are the following
    1) I have an Apple pc if the native instruments can be installed
    2) the cost of a basic library for composing (drums, bass, piano, guitars)
    3) the price 

  • LostInFoundation
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    1) NI instruments products can be installed on Mac. Depending on your OS some may have some hiccups, but you’ll find the info on what is supported and what not in this page

    2) There are many products depending on the level of quality you need. Even only buying Kontakt 7 (149.50€ until July 6th during the offer or 299€ at normal price) provides you a vast library of instruments to use in your compositions, plus access to many free ones available on the internet. Then if you need a determined instrument to have better quality, you can always add it later to your arsenal.

    Kontakt 7 is also available in the Player version for free (in this page all the free products NI offers, and with this you can install the various free instruments libraries you can find in internet. Here a couple of examples of a company (Spitfire Audio) and a site (PianoBook) offering very valid free instruments

    3) Practically the same question as 2, so practically the same answer

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    2 and 3: Best bet is to search the actual NI website as it will showcase all your options and local pricing.

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