Looking for feedback on a feature I'm designing for my instrument

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Hi everyone. Right off the top, I'm not a musician, I was hired by a musician to code the instrument/sample pack he's putting together.

The feature I came up with works like this:

Imagine you are recording your song and your selected voice is Flute. But you want to incorporate piccolo to "talk back" if you will, to the flute. Ok, you record the flute, you record the piccolo, and mix it in your editor. But what if you could just switch voices on the fly? Flute plays a triplet, switches to piccolo which plays 2 bars, switches back to flute.

Is this something you could use? Is there already something out there which does this?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. :)


  • Milos
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    I would do a 'layering technique'.

    Just make multiple instruments play the same note but just with a slightly different effects or tones.

    Similar with the drums.

    And even better!

    You can play with the mono/stereo settings to widen and enrich the sound!

    I hope it helps you, dear musician!

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