Why are some tracks muffled/distorted?

DJ Kuychi
DJ Kuychi Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I'm having a new issue. Just reached out to the support desk to see what can be figured out.

Some tracks that I have played before, which sounded perfectly fine, are now sounding muffled and/or distorted.

I haven't changed any settings. I have a nice setup that I like how it works and I have had NO issues with it. Yesterday as I was filtering music from a dump playlist into unique playlists I noticed that suddenly some of the tracks just don't sound right, as if someone turned down the mids and highs, and when there is a non-bassy area of the track its just distorting.

The audio sounds PERFECT in Finder or another audio app. No issues whatsoever. I have changed to backup copies of the files and switched USB hubs. I have tried using just the files moved to the internal flash SSD.. I have tried other files from the external drives and they are working fine.

I have setup a new user and reinstalled Traktor with only stock settings. The issue remains.

I have NOT tried a different computer as the only one I have access to is an M1 Macbook Pro and that doesn't seem like the best troubleshooting tactic since the M1 is a different processor.

I'm running a 2019 Macbook Pro with OSX 12.0.9. I have DJ'd two weeks ago and everything worked flawlessly using Traktor 3.7. I just upgraded to 3.9 to make sure the 3.7 version wasn't the problem.

I don't know what else to do. It seems a software glitch has arisen that doesn't make sense.

Any help?


  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 117 Helper

    And these files? Are they OGG or AA3 file format?

  • Markovicz
    Markovicz Customer Care Posts: 381 mod

    Hi @DJ Kuychi,

    please check your email inbox - you should find a Tech Support ticket which is asking for two affected files so our agents can investigate the reported behavior.

  • djvalho
    djvalho Member Posts: 4 Member

    I am having a similar issue, just that I get distortion when the audio is turn up and the bass is kicking hard. When the audio is at normal/low levels, this does not happen.

  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 117 Helper

    Check your audio levels. What is your headroom? What settings on the limiter part?

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