Waveform Colours???

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Has anyone got any info on what frequencies correlate to which colours in the Traktor Waveforms?

Lo frequencies are definitely Red. Mids are looking like Greens, and Hi's possibly blues into violet/purple... Looks like a simple colour spectrum spread out along the frequencies - but what frequencies match what colours?

Feels like there should be a table somewhere explaining it but if there is, I'm missing it!!! 😆


  • Sûlherokhh
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    You could load a track into Audacity and check the spectrograph and then compare with the track's colours in Traktor.

  • Patch
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    edited June 14

    I just loaded a full frequency sweep into Traktor and checked the waveform.

    Interestingly, there no purples/violets at the v.hi end (~18-20kHz), but I do see purple all the time in my waveforms???

  • Demus
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    This is the reason why I was asking for the wave form display of Traktor DJ 2 in Traktor Pro 3 but more defined bass, mid and high colors like on the Denon DJ software. I think NI calls it waveform Vector wave display.

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