Tips to fix a bad channel fader on s4 mk3

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I bought a second hand s4 and used it mainly for vinyl only so far so just used the middle 2 faders. I used it recently and channel a won't go all the way to the top and jumps around.

I have taken it apart and can remove the top case of the fader to expose the rails but the contacts are hard to get to to clean. Does anyone have any tips or any links to resources on how to clean it?




  • LostInFoundation
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    Do you mean it is not PHYSICALLY reaching the top?

  • Pauloc
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    Thanks for the reply. It travels to the top fine and moves smoothly it's just not mirroring this in the software. It's most likely dust or an issue with the contact feet on the carbon strips. I tried some air duster then deoxit fader lube and it went closer to the top top but then went back to having a bad contact

  • Oxy
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    Your best bet will be something like this.

  • Pauloc
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    Thanks I tried that, but the squeeze tube version. It didn't really work but maybe will try again when I get home in case it needs time to work. I read on DJ tools thing last night where they used loads of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. I may try that then use the deoxit lube after. To get to the carbon strips do you have to desplder it from PCB then? I was hoping I can just unclip it like the old ones

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