Have I discovered a bandwidth limitation with the Traktor S2 Mk3?

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I just bought the Traktor S2 Mk3, all is well, happy with the product.

I have a question about a bandwidth of the product in regards to scratching.

I'm quite knew but I've noticed I'm able to perform the crab scratch technique if the track is just playing, however if I do almost anything with the jog wheel I very rarely hear the three or 4 distinct clicks and looking at the UI the crossfader appears to move less.

The technique - https://youtu.be/R_6fVOEitTE?t=30

So my question is what are the probably causes and solutions here?

Has anyone experienced this?

Potential ideas:

  • Is there a low polling rate on the S2? like it checks the status of each CC(and calculates it's delta from the last poll) so if you're doing 2 things that are both more than simple on/off switches then some data is skipped?
  • Is this sort of thing handled seamlessly and independently and is processed mainly on the CPU and thus isn't in any way hardware related?
  • Is the Traktor software the cause? (i guess similar to the polling or tickrate but in a different place).
  • Or is all of this impossible, I'm just new and it's difficult to both move the platter and flick the crossfader? very possible but I've tried to isolate it by like resting my thumb and doing nothing crazy with the platter etc.

My next step if is probably to put it into midi controller mode and look in cubase and see if there's the MIDI data on the crossfader gets less accurate or lower resolution or something.



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    I would start from the principle that yes, you can scratch with a midi controller…but this is a limited experience. From this starting point any investigation is welcome, but must be done with this in mind

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