KK m32 keyboard with cakewalk by bandlab

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Could you please tell me or point me to a source how I can integrate simply my new KKm2 keyboard to cakewalk? Thanks!


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  • karsai
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    Komplete Kontrol m32 keyboard not m2 sorry for the typo

  • Monochrome
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  • karsai
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    Thanks but this site does not list Cakewalk. That is the reason I am searching for a help and solution.

  • JesterMgee
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    Cakewalk is not an officially supported DAW so it does not have direct support, this is why as suggested above you need to check that linked page for "Other DAWS" which Cakewalk falls into. If Cakewalk has MCU compatibility then you can get some basic functionality, if not then you have no integration ability for controlling the DAW and can only use the plugin instances. The issue is based on how much functionality each DAW opens up for developers to integrate into, and some have little ability in this area.

  • karsai
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    Many thanks!

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