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After installing Komplete Standard 14 I run out of space on my computer, before I start to use it I would like to move all the NI content to an external hard drive instead. Would I have any problems if I do it? Please, what is the best way of doing it?

I appreciate any help.


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  • LostInFoundation
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    Best thing is to move the libraries (which are very big).

    You can just copy them in the external hard drive and then in Native Access relocate them telling it where is the new path. But you have to do it one by one

  • Rich_NI
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    Hi @sbusa

    You can actually do this in batches if you prefer.

    Simply move your libraries, then hit the "refresh" icon in NA so that they show "Repair".

    Then use the "relocate all" feature by following these steps: Using the Repair / Relocate All Function in Native Access

  • AMD
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    Hi @Rich_NI

    I did a batch relocate from internal SSD to external SSD and I now have two Native Instruments folder containing a Native Access folder and inside that, a ras3 folder. The newer of the two native instruments folders is located on my internal SSD (where I moved the content from). The older of the two folders is on my external SSD (where I moved the content to).

    Should I replace the older folder on the external SSD with the newer folder on my internal SSD?


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