Cannot read the windows - too small

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The windows for the product when I use it inside Cubase or standalone is completely unreadable. I just spent nearly $2000 on this product that is basically unusable. I have to hold my phone up to it and zoom in all the way and then I cannot scroll around to read all the pieces because it won't do that either. I have a 4K screen on my computer so I assume the developer is working with a 1080 screen or less. It really should not be that hard to create a window that resizes. If it is, then get better developers please or lower your price down to $50 which would be the real value of the product.


  • Brad Yost
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    Until they get around to full HDP scaling on their plugins, one option is to change the scaling in your OS (Display Preferences) to something greater than 100%.

  • Vocalpoint
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    Or run 1920x1080 like 98.7% of the rest of the world. This topic has been beaten to death.

    Nothing is changing soon for anyone who insists on running in any resolution other than Standard HD.

    And to correct you - this product is completely and 100% usable at the resolution it was designed for.


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