[Livestream] Get together with KONTAKT team on Friday June 16

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Come hang with a KONTAKT team on Friday June 16, 2023.

Organized by a KONTAKT Product Manager @Yaron_NI and the KSP wizard @EvilDragon, this livestream is your chance to ask about our work-in-progress, get to know a story behind this beloved sampling platform, or dive deep into its features. There might be a surprise guest - whose name we can't disclose just yet, but a banner for this post might give you a hint. 😉

If you joined one of our previous livestreams already, you know the drill. If not, what are you waiting for?

This livestream will take place on Friday June 16, 2023 at 5 PM CET/ 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST.  The livestream has ended. Thank you everyone!

As usual, drop your questions in the comment section below and we'll do our best to answer them live on air. This livestream will not be recorded.



  • Miri Astro
    Miri Astro Member Posts: 11 Member

    Will there be a complete guide to Kontakt similar to the maschine tutorial Boris did for YouTube?

  • Noise Native
    Noise Native Member Posts: 17 Member
    edited June 2023

    Hi, I hope all is happy and well with you all :)

    Are there any new Sampler/Synthesis modes planned? The Wavetable mode addition was an absolute innovation for the programme, it extended my creativity and sonic possibilities. Along with the Tone Machine and Time Machine modes it has become invaluable in my sound design!

    If there are any possibilities for a new mode, what do you think this could be?

    Thank you Kontakt Team!

  • Pete from Bristol
    Pete from Bristol Member Posts: 72 Member

    If you’ve an NI artist attending, I have a question. I’ve just upgraded to Standard 14 and am just blown away by the number of sounds. Just wondered if they had any tips on how to organise favourites?

  • jwchamb
    jwchamb Member Posts: 2 Member

    Would it be possible to have the Kontakt engine work the MIDI tuning standard either globally or per instrument? Real time tuning adjustments with tools like Scala and Oddsound are much usable than writing scripts.

  • Maxhombre
    Maxhombre Member Posts: 50 Member

    Any advice for those using an orchestral Logic template, preloaded with instruments and via Logic dynamic allocation turned off until needed. I’m using 100 instances of Komplete control. There’s nothing in the manual for this.

    MLARS Member Posts: 27 Member
    edited June 2023

    What is the current roadmap to implement working scalable Kontakt instrument GUIs (not only the browser)? How will it affect the end user? Any info on how these updates may affect our current DAW templates?

    Will we see old/current NI instruments get scalable GUI updates and when?

    Will we see partner vendors offer scalable instrument GUIs as free updates? When? I am a little bit afraid partner vendors will try to sell sequel versions or new instruments instead of supporting and updating their current instruments for free - can NI tell anything what partners have said about their updating plans?

    Feature considerations I'm pondering:

    • Modernize backend and update some of the older graphics in frontend and backend of Kontakt.
    • Explore the possibility for a NAS Kontakt Server app (Synology and QNAP)
    • Explore Kontakt server software for Mac and PC too
    • Improve UX for moving library locations locally, external drive or server. It should feel more flexible and simple to move libraries around.
    • Provide performance info based on storage location. Warn about bottle necks.
    • Deactivate libraries in browser (to guide the user) if storage location (server or external drive) is unavailable
    • Integrate Komplete Kontrol features into Kontakt or reposition more clearly how software is presented and used in DAW going forward. Maybe Komplete Kontrol should be the main software in more use cases when building templates?
    • Sync cloud saves of favorited factory presets.
  • NodeOperator
    NodeOperator Member Posts: 11 Member

    Any chance the future for Kontakt would include a more; directly engaging set of auto populated controls when you drop a sample into it’s engine? I’d like to choose Kontakt over other samplers, but the front end Ui of it is way to simple to be engaging out the gate, If this is not possible? Could the inclusion of some interesting KSP by NI be possible? some middle ground with this would be great, so you could ‘Hot Swap between KSP’s’ ? The Straylight engine is a great example, and I use this when thinking about user samples.

  • DavidAsher
    DavidAsher Member Posts: 10 Member

    Hey there! i've been using Symphony Essentials String Ensemble in Kontakt, and I noticed that when I record dynamic automation, the dynamics knob resets to zero when the project isn't playing. To hear myself play between takes, I have to jiggle the dynamics controller. Im curious to know if this is the intended behavior or if it's a bug. Im using Logic on an M1 MacBook..

    MLARS Member Posts: 27 Member
    edited June 2023

    What is the roadmap for updated scalable GUI instrument for NI instruments and partner instruments? Hope the updates are free.

    What can we see coming to Kontakt in the upcoming years?

    Feature considerations:

    • Modernize the frontent and backend - lots of old GUI components in Kontakt.
    • Provide a Kontakt Server for NAS (Synology) and Mac/Windows.
    • Add touchscreen on keyboards and next maschine

    Feature considerations next keyboard:

    • Give us a detachable control panel (bus powered with regular USB cable) on the Komplete S88 MK3 to put on the desk while having the keyboard/keybed under the desk.
    • Move the expression strip on the S88 - it is in the way when you want to use modulation and expression at the same time (your palm hits the expression touch strip too when only using modulation)
  • overlord25
    overlord25 Member Posts: 17 Member
    edited June 2023


    I know that accessibility development for Kontakt 7 is in progress, however it would be really helpful for blind & visualy impaired users if the NKSN snapshot preset format could be added to the normal file load menu alongside NKI & NKM preset types.

    Also developers often tell me that they are not allowed to make the loading of samples available via NKS due to suggested sample purging restrictions within the Kontakt KSP SDK.

    However, other developers do seem to do this, and in terms of accessibility it makes sound design possibilities much more flexible for blind users who are unable to interact with the visual user interface, can we get clarification on allowing this for all developers going forward.

    Many thanks,



  • S-P
    S-P Member Posts: 7 Member

    I just wanted to have brush drums and got Kontakt 7 to be able to use third party plug-ins.

    I cannot even get it happening. I thought it would work.

    Kontakt 7 just sits there and I cannot access it's supposed tremendous amounts of sounds. Just 6 or 7 things I forget really. After months of frustration I just gave up.

    Why is these NI products so hard to get going? I've been with them for 6 years and have yet to get any sort of completed song out of them.

    I feel like lighting a match to the whole lot of it but that wouldn't make sense.

    I'm just totally frustrated.

    No hope really.

  • rd3d2
    rd3d2 Member Posts: 5 Member

    I would love to see a set of named "basic and common/frequent use parameters" (Cut-off, Resonance, Modulation, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release etc.) that were in a set group within the cc parameter array for all Kontakt instruments such that we could pick up on this common set and map them within our DAWS. (Is thus something that was considered and rejected for some reason? )

  • Chris Dempsey
    Chris Dempsey Member Posts: 3 Member

    Will you think about producing pattern packs for your guitars such as Picked Guitar.

  • Syncopator
    Syncopator Member Posts: 21 Member

    Please look at the simplicity of other sample players, such as Orchestral Tools' Sine Player. It's DEAD SIMPLE to change keyswitch assignments, add new articulations, or move the entire keyswitch range elsewhere on the keyboard—all by drag and drop. The same with reordering instruments to change their MIDI channels, etc.

    This can all be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUqA5ka9U-8

    When is Kontakt going to be modernized in this way?

    Yes, Kontakt is more feature-rich than Sine Player, and I'm NOT asking for any features to be removed. But some features, like those mentioned above, are overly complicated and clunky. As such, I'm simply asking for existing features to be modernized and simplified.

  • oinkmambo
    oinkmambo Member Posts: 1 Member

    Plans for more MPE support? Midi 2.0?

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