Plug-in Compatibility between: M1 Mac OS - Studio One 5 ?

Aron Stokes
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Hello all. Is anyone using an M1 Mac with Studio One? I've been using Studio One v5 on my M1 Mac mini and M1 Pro MacBook Pro for at least a couple of years now. My Mac OS version for both computers is Monterey v12.6.2. My Studio One version is version 5.5.2 ...

I use plug-ins from Native Instruments, Waves, and several other audio companies. At the moment, the versions of both my OS and Studio One version are agreeing with each other pretty well, but I've considered updating. Over the past couple of years, I've tried to update my Studio One version a few times and I've noticed an issue with mostly Waves and sometimes Native Instruments plug-ins. When I'd try to work on my sessions, I would receive a "Missing Devices" dialogue box, warning that plug-ins that were previously working fine are now incompatible. I also have noticed that there is still an issue with certain Native Instruments plug-ins and Waves plug-ins when you run Studio One without Rosetta mode turned on (Rosetta works in the background to allow programs that were created for Intel Macs to run correctly with M1 Macs).

I have another plug-in called Diamond Color EQ 3 by Acustica-Audio and I was informed by the company that this plug-in will only run correctly in native mode, without Rosetta. But... when I turn off Rosetta mode for that EQ plug-in to run correctly in Studio One, I noticed other plug-ins from Waves and Native Instruments are suddenly missing.

I just wanted to reach out here and see if someone else has encountered this issue and if anyone knows the best solution for what version of M1 Mac OS to use with which Studio One version to ensure the best plug-in compatibility at this point in time.


  • JesterMgee
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    You need to check if the versions of plugins you are using are VST2 or VST3 because on mac, VST2 plugins will not work in Rosetta mode since developers are only updating (mostly) VST3 / AU plugins for native compatibility.

    WOuld need to know what plugins have this issue but first thing is you must check every plugin is first up to date and that your project is using the VST3 or AU versions of the plugin before even attempting to run in native mode.

    If you hit an issue with a plugin, close everything and launch your DAW in native mode then see if you can add a new instance of that problem plugin to your project. If it works in native mode on a new project you will likely have to open old projects and swap out the plugins for the VST3 version and resave. I would suggest making a copy of every project for this case, may take some time but not much else you can do.

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