Traktor Roadmap Update?

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Wondering when we can expect to see an updated Traktor roadmap? I think many people are curious about the status of stem separation and flexible beatgrids



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    as mentioned by @Allan_NI in the beta section:

    we shall update the roadmap this month.

  • JTNIUser
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    Is this ever going to happen? There's a concerning pattern occurring.. The last update was due in February, and was only issued at the absolute last minute at the end of that quarter (27 Feb).

    The next "quarterly" update should have been issued by 27 May at the latest, and is now already a month overdue.

    NI committed to releasing quarterly updates on development to build good faith with customers. This appears to have been a bad faith promise, as NI doesn't appear to be able to honour their own targets.

    I purchased an S4 with expectation that NI had turned the corner. Was I a fool to believe the spin, or are we actually approaching the much needed Traktor improvements? Specifically the flexible beatgrids request, which has topped Traktor requests (as noted by NI on multiple occasions) for years now.

    If there isn't substantial progress in the next "quarterly" (looking more like half-yearly at this rate) update, I'll be looking to move on from NI and sell my S4. I'm a loyal NI enthusiast, but customer loyalty only gets you so far NI.

  • lord-carlos
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    I would advice to not buy a product based on future promises.

    And yes, it's sad to see how low ressources the devs get for Traktor :(

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Yep, NI for long time now says things and then under delivers. Just seems to be their way. Sad but true. New staffing hasn’t really changed that. I know they are recruiting a “senior Traktor developer”. Obviously need more staff in Traktor. Mean time just keep to your quarterly deadlines, if you can’t hit that what hope is there for further commitments?

  • SteveKDJ
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    Give me ideas, and what's the point if it doesn't come to anything years later.

    Shall we keep busy? I don't understand.

    I have a feeling that at some point we won't even reach the pages...

    In peace and quiet... 😥

  • dwright01
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    I also purchased an S4 hoping Traktor had turned the corner - perhaps I should have known better.

    I believe the S4 MK3 is still one of the best controllers on the market despite its age, and I believe Traktor has the potential to have the best stems separation software considering its partnership with IZotope. The S4 combined with two F1 controllers would offer an amazing hardware setup for stems as well - a leave of creativity and control that other controllers and softwares simply can't offer at the moment.

    It's a shame to see NI moving so slowly and prioritizing unnecessary features like the pattern player. At this point the only items that should be on the roadmap are stems, flexible beat grids, and Tidal/Soundcloud integration. Unfortunately they've already made it clear that they have no immediate plans for streaming integration. I was very glad to see the M1/M2 improvements to Traktor, but if the next roadmap doesn't have stems and beat grids as 1A and 1B in terms of next moves, I'm not sure I can wait on Traktor any longer.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Yup, I think there may be quite a few others with the same feelings or at very least look at other options.

  • TurnedTables
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    The lack of comms is rude, plain and simple.

    The NI team must get sadistic enjoyment out of wringing every last piece of goodwill from their's the only reasoning I can come up with.

  • JTNIUser
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    @Allan_NI please respond??? NI has failed to meet commitments for development communications. Why the radio silence???

  • JTNIUser
    JTNIUser Member Posts: 3 Member

    And/or @Owner, as per comments above? Why the failure to stick to NI's own commitments??

  • Alex Partyz
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  • lord-carlos
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    Have been for the last few years :P

  • Jose Rodenas
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    Hello everybody. 

    I'm probably wrong but my bet is that towards the end of August and beginning of September NI will announce Traktor Pro 4 with the long awaited "flexible beatgrids" feature, the support for "retina screens" and the expected "improved browser workflow", yes, in the Base version ....but being inside the base version doesn't mean that it will be free for everyone compared to the Plus version, surely you will have to upgrade after paying 50% of the cost of a new license or some kind of promotion for users who already have a license. 

    The separation of stems will also arrive but for the Plus version so prepare your wallet, will it be worth it? Surely.

    The development roadmap may not be updated publicly in these three months to keep the secret of the new features of Traktor Pro Plus against Rekordbox, Serato, Virtual Dj or Engine Prime.....

    I repeat, I'm probably confused and we will continue with Traktor Pro 3.10 and small improvements as before. 

    Remember that you have a fully stable and mature software in the base version and it does its job well enough (except for me, the lack of stem separation).

    What do you think? 😉

    Greetings from Spain

  • lord-carlos
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    Remember that you have a fully stable and mature software in the base version and it does its job well enough

    Weeeeeell .. not sure about that :P

    Screen flickering when searching/sorting, layout presets gone for some users, 3.9 not working for AMD users with controllers that have a screen.

    Maybe they are working on a larger release, would explain why they only put in half a dev on 3.X, but don't get your hopes up.

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