Kontakt instruments not loading properly

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Kontakt libraries stopped loading and look jumbled and no sound plays. This happened mid session so everything was working fine up until a certain point. Haven't had this issue before. Instruments still load and function properly in Kontakt standalone. Non Kontatk synths such as Massive X have also stopped producing sound. The issue started right after trying to load Session Guitarist Electric Mint (Melody) for the first time.

Restarting hasn't helped.

Latest version of Cakewalk.

Graphics and audio drivers are updated.


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  • MichaelMichael
    MichaelMichael Member Posts: 8 Member
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    I have solved the issue.

    It turns out changing the settings for creating a new synth track fixes the problem. It's possible that I unknowingly changed this setting, as accidentally pressing the spacebar can toggle it, though I don't see why it should result in Kontakt instruments not loading, displaying and functioning properly.

    "MIDI Source" was selected, once I changed this to "Simple Instrument Track" Kontakt started to function correctly again.

    I hope that any Cakewalk users that have this issue in the future will see this post.


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