Please fix the tagging in the Light collection

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Installing the Light collection seems to have doubled the number of tags in the Factory panel - almost none of which conform to the carefully chosen NKS standard tagging categories. So now I have a separate category for 'Bass Synth' even though there is already Bass/Synth', 'Electro' which is a genre not a sound type and has exactly 1 preset!, same for Drumsynth (there is already Drums and synthetic as an attribute), 'Multi FX' which means what exactly? There are plenty of FX categories already, One shots which is a sample tag not a preset tag, Reverb? this is an instrument not an effect, if it uses reverb use the 'processed' attribute, 'Sweep and swell' which already exists in attributes and under 'Synth misc', 'Single note'???, 'Utilities'??? Modulation??? It's just made a complete mess of the tags - did the person who did this not read the manual on NKS standards? Unlike the User panel where I can clean up bad tagging I am stuck with this so NI please clean it up yourselves and make your developers stick to the standards you have set for very good reasons.

Looks like Hypha also has some of this sloppy tagging

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