A problem when using scripts "drum computer" and "input quantize" simultaneously

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When I activate the "note on" switch from "Input quantize" factory script, the "Tune amount" knob from "Drum computer" factory script doesn't work. All steps play the same note, regardless of the value set in the Drum computer's tuning grid.

I made this short video showing what I'm saying (The scripts are the factory ones, without any changes.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEfRHWhY1Tk

Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it? Or can explain to me how to solve it, if possible?

Thanks in advance.


  • soundtrax
    soundtrax Member Posts: 14 Member

    Just did a quick test: I works fine when you put drum computer script in the slot after the quantize script - which makes sense anyway. If you set it up the other way the quantize script overrides parts in the on note callback of the drum computer.

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