NEW Expansion images for Maschine

Rikk Show
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I'll share this since more may think like me. The images of the expansion look too similar and I get lost, I wanted to see the product images from the website as my browser images when working with Maschine (SW and HW).

Attached are images for all NI Maschine Expansions, in MST and VB format, using the NI web image. I also made square images if you do like I do, link Loopcloud to my Expansion Sample folders.

Instructions included how to easily replace all the factory images. Do backup first if you want to go back.


  • D-One
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    Thanks for sharing.

    I always hated the overlay they use with pads over the images, it makes all the images look the same.

    I did the same thing for myself too, I am curious, did you use any automation software? I used Magick to auto crop-center, change the filename etc... what did you use?

    Mine look like this:

    I wish they had the images somewhere without the text tho, it makes it look redundant since the SW has titles.

  • Rikk Show
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    I used Photoshop and ran a macro.

    The images I did looks identical to your screens above.

    Plus you can get the same for Loopcloud. I like the easy tempo and pitch adjustment of loops in LC. Maschine is far behind there.

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