Traktor Rane One TSI

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I'm currently working on a Rane One TSI to work with DVS control.

This is completed so far

  • Track browsing
  • Track loading
  • Hotcue Pad Mode (Color Feedback not implemented yet)
  • Stems Pad Mode
  • Mixer Effects & Controls

Currently working on Loop functions...


  • Deejayenzo
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    Hi, I'm interested in this. do motorized jogs work with traktor?

  • djquartz
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    Hey Deejay Enzo,

    I'm not working with the internal mode right now, only DVS control.

    Reason being I found that with Serato DJ and DJAY Pro AI, when it handshakes and takes over control of the device. It causes the start/stop motor and pitch functions to be blocked or not work.

    For instance I found both programs would stop playing once you placed the needle on the vinyl.

    I could get around this with Serato DJ but not DJAY Pro AI.

    However, with Traktor since it's open to use any device. DVS works perfectly, I just have to map all the controls and voila!

    To use motor control via Internal mode would require coding from NI to interpret the midi data sent from the motors correctly, etc.

    Using DVS to control playback, pitch, etc only depends on the TSI map for controls just like it would with turntables.

  • djquartz
    djquartz Member Posts: 39 Helper

    I have to put this on hold for right now because there are some features required to make this work with control vinyl properly.

    Also, motor control would have to be baked into the application to function as a true hybrid controller.

  • djquartz
    djquartz Member Posts: 39 Helper

    I might look into revisiting this with the proper support.

  • djquartz
    djquartz Member Posts: 39 Helper

    Also, I'm looking for a set of Super Seal 7000's if anybody knows where I can still get them.

  • DJ Dab
    DJ Dab Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Here I am, ready to assist… if I can. Traktor Pro 3 installed and Rane One chillin’ ;o)

  • djquartz
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    Hey DJ Dab,

    Thank you, I do have a preliminary TSI file if you want to try it out.

    Keep in mind this is strictly for DVS use with the Rane One + Traktor

    The whole project is based on the Skratch Attach platform.

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