purchased new S88 mk2 and 14 Standard. having issues.

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brand new S88 mk2 and I have no access to the sounds I've downloaded. Im being asked to activate the sounds by entering a serial number in Native Access. Logic won't list the NI sounds. What have I done wrong? If anyone can weigh in with a solution I would appreciate it.

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  • uhrl
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    Hi, so you should download and install every thing from native access. Then run everything in stand alone mode before trying to open it up in any other D.A.W.

    Refer to the manual to learn D.A.W. integration /to host NI in other .D.A.W.'s

  • Mkelly0000
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    I can't get the sounds going in stand alone. I get the preview sound but can't play them on the keyboard. Also, the screens on the S88 are just showing a midi plug graphic.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    If you still experience this kind of issues, get in touch with our support here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_install

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