Kontakt 7 (Standalone) Won't Launch/Start in Windows

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I can't get Kontakt 7 to launch on Windows 10. It launches just fine as a VST (though it does take a while to load), but it won't launch at all in standalone mode.

I've tried reinstalling several times; I've worked through the all the various suggestions in the Kontakt Crashes article; I've updated Windows; but none of it has changed this (non) startup behavior. I've used dxdiag to make sure that my GPU drivers support the required features (up to DirectX 11.1).

I've also submitted a ticket, along with the data from the diagnostic tool to NI Support, but I've so far gotten radio silence.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggested fixes?

Also, if you've submitted a ticket to NI Support, how long did it take you to get a response?



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @melchi are you open to launch Kontakt 7 after rebuilding the Kontakt 7 Database as recommended by our support team?

  • melchi
    melchi Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Yes, I've tried this several times (it is included in the suggestions in the Kontakt Crashes article, so I tried it before even contacting the support team). However, since then, I've followed all the support suggestions, including: (1) Running sfc /scannow, (2) Repairing the .net framework, (3) reinstalling the VC++ runtime (twice), (4) making sure that the Windows Updates are up to date, (5) reinstalling Kontakt 7 (several times), and (5) deleting the Kontakt 7 folder in %LOCALAPPDATA% (I assume this last part is what you're referring to).

    I can't do anything from within Kontakt 7 itself, because it never launches successfully (i.e., the process dies after about 3-4 seconds, before any sort of interface or popup dialog shows up).

  • Steve Milward
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    I did all that to.

    NI told me that the reason I can't run 7.3.2 is that my machine is too old. It runs 6.8 easily. Weird how my machine runs Cubase 12 Pro, Wavelab and loads of other applications. What's so special about 7.3.2?

  • Royal Tee
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    My standalone opens but only after attempting 2 or more times.

    The VST crashes Cubase every so often and when opening some projects that have Kontakt in them, Cubase crashes on load and again, works only after several attempts.

    Then, sometimes...it works perfectly.

    #headscratcher 👽️

  • Sunborn
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    According to some users at the Reaper forum, the problem occures when an Audio Device (USB Interface) is selected in Kontakt but it is currently not connected to the Computer. Do you have multiple audio interfaces? and you originally assigned Audio Device 1 to Kontakt, but now you use Audio Device 2 and your other device is disconnected?

  • melchi
    melchi Member Posts: 9 Newcomer
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    I only have one audio interface currently installed and connected to the computer. I haven't assigned any device to Kontakt 7 and I have no way of setting or modifying which devices are assigned to Kontakt 7 because it won't launch at all.

    Everything works correctly on Kontakt 6.

  • Sunborn
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    It seems that you have done all the necessary steps. So, to find a solution we have to go deeper.

    It might be some unsupported or incompatible CPU or GPU option, which cause the problem, so i suggest to post all technical specification of your CPU and GPU here, and also send them to the technical team of NI through their support center.

    I am giving you (as an example), the reason i can not run Vital VST in my laptop but only in my desktop:

    "Older machines with Windows 10 with Intel onboard GPU, does NOT support higher versions than OpenGL 1.1 and Vital needs OpenGL 3 or higher to work as standalone."

    Maybe your case is something similar.

  • melchi
    melchi Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    As outlined above in the OP, I've already reported all of this information (as well as the information output by their diagnostic tool) to the NI Support Team.

    I've also confirmed directly that my GPU and its drivers support the instruction sets (i.e., up to DirectX 11.1) required by Kontakt 7 (the documentation for Kontakt 7 states that it requires GPU support for DirectX up to 11.0).

  • Noamgo
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    @melchi Did you ever solve this? I have the exact same problem with Kontakt 7 player, It won't open at all ( I only have full version of 6, partially since 7 doesn't work properly so I don't want to buy it...).

    I actually received a few answers from NI support via email, but none of their suggestions helped...

  • melchi
    melchi Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    @Noamgo No, sorry, I never got it fixed. The NI support solutions were useless.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @melchi Last message from my colleagues was asking for the result of our support tool but you never replied. If you wish to continue troubleshooting, let me know and we can re-open the case.

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