Cyanite is a new AI tool for tagging your music style and genre

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I came across this service the other day and it seems pretty useful. Basically, Cyanite is a free service that will analyze songs you upload and compare them to millions of other songs (I think on Spotify) and will automatically tag them and find other similar songs in the catalog.

This provides some immediate benefits to me personally:

  1. Automatic tagging is helpful because I don’t know what to classify my music a lot of the time so having an objective way to tag it can be useful rather than relying on what genre you think it is supposed to belong to.
  2. Finding similar songs is useful because it allows you to find reference tracks in the style of your song which can be difficult due to point #1. It also allows you to orient yourself from a marketing perspective because you know where your music falls in the spectrum and can target your audience better.

If you make super straight forward music that can be easily categorized then this probably isn’t super helpful, but for those of you that combine multiple genres or don’t know which one it fits under, this could save you a lot of time. Anyone else have experiences using this or similar tools?


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    I'm always looking for something interesting, especially if it might be a useful tool or an investment opportunity. To me, this is neither.

    First off, it's not a "free service". It only says "start for free" on their website. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because you can't feed your family by giving out free stuff all the time. But their website kind of guides you to paying for "something" that I just can't see a reason to pay for.

    Secondly, I can't figure out what it is for, or who the intended "pro user" would be. Are you telling me that you're making music that you don't know if it's jazz or hip-hop? Maybe it's both, that could be. But wouldn't you already KNOW that? Or maybe it's either a Rock and Roll song or an orchestral film score, and you just can't decide what to call it? A cha-cha song or a tango?

    Even if you were composing a song that absolutely, positively HAD TO BE a would already know what that sounds like and what the tempo would need to be, in order to facilitate foxtrot dancing. Right?

    I don't know what this product is, what it does, and I certainly can't tell why I would need to have a paid subscription to it. And now I've wasted enough time on this topic that I no longer care. 🙄

    Do you work for them? Or sell for them? Get some kind of affiliate kickback? It's an honest question.

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    Thanks for clueing me into this thing but how much is it?

    I was using Lexicon for DJ organization but it costs way too much at $40 a month 😳

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    Lexicon is 17 USD, unless you want to save your whole music collection to the cloud.

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    Apple has ShazamKit as part of their code building tools.

    Will be interesting to see how it might broaden in's part of today's schedule at Apple WWDC.

    Create a great ShazamKit experience

    8:00 a.m.Discover how your app can offer a great audio matching experience with the latest updates to ShazamKit. We'll take you through matching features, updates to audio recognition, and interactions with the Shazam library. Learn tips and best practices for using ShazamKit in your audio apps. For more on ShazamKit, check out "Create custom catalogs at scale with ShazamKit" from WWDC22 as well as "Explore ShazamKit" and "Create custom audio experiences with ShazamKit" from WWDC21.

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    Sounds awesome to find stuff to sample.

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