Linnstrument/MPE with Kontakt (Evolution Rock Standard)

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Ok, I'm a newbie, struggling to clamber up the MPE learning curve. I recently got a Linnstrument, which is an MPE controller. I'm trying to configure Kontakt (and more specifically, the Evolution Rock Standard guitar instrument) to respond to pressure (for volume), x axis (left/right) movments (for pitch bend) and y axis (up/down, CC74) to some sort of tonal flavor control (e.g., amount of distortion, speed of flange, etc).

I'm running Studio One 6, Kontakt 7 (vst3), Windows 11, PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL. AFAIK, all drivers & software up to date.

Any ideas/suggestions? I've enabled MPE in the instrument rack pulldown, but what are the next steps? I understand that I need multiple instances of the instrument for polyphony, but first I want to configure a single voice to respond appropriately to my gestures.


Update: New set of problems, as I clamber up the learning curve. I load the instrument into Kontakt 7 (mpe is disabled initially). Both my Linnstrument and my Komplete Kontrol keyboard can play notes in the instrument. I go up to the rack, choose "Enable MPE," and suddenly neither controller gets any sound out of the instrument. Disable MPE, sounds come back.

What gives? What am I doing wrong?


  • Harry LeBlanc
    Harry LeBlanc Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Another update: Kontakt (both 6 and 7), when run in standalone mode, do not seem to allow notes to be triggered, even though the device shows up in the midi setup page. Press the buttons, no nothing. Meanwhile, Komplete Kontrol works fine in standalone.

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