[BUG] has "tick" noise when use time-machine and play quarters

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  1. create new instrument
  2. map source_120_loop_.aif to c2
  3. go to "source" panel and change from "BFD" to "time-machine pro". and speed to "zone"
  4. on the "modulation" panel I reduce the "release" to 0ms
  5. add this script:
on note
  play_note($EVENT_NOTE, 127, $DURATION_QUARTER * ($EVENT_VELOCITY - 1), -1 )

6. on DAW (Garage Band) I draw a midi that play C2 (4 * quarter) for 1 beat. and increment the velocity by 1 for each quarter.

note* daw tempo is 120bpm and the loop is also created on 120bpm.

Expected: to hear the loop like playing one note

while each quarter equal 500000micro-seconds on 120bpm

and $DURATION_QUARTER also equal 500000micro-seconds (DAW is set to 120bpm)

So playing note each time with offset of (500000 * (note_velocity -1)) result

(0, 500k, 1m 1.5m)

Actual behavior: some "tick" noise for each played quarter

I attached the source/results export to the thread.

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