How do i sample frm youtube with MK3 as vst in CUBASE 12



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    Just for the sake of extra info:

    You can simplify and use those youtube2audio converters online, download the track, and drop it inside Maschine VST, most of them don't offer .wav so you would prob need to convert an already compressed file from mp3 to wav which further decreases quality, or simply use your phone's output connected to your interface; these are the easy ways..

    To record inside Maschine VST hosted in Cubase you need to record it to Cubase first, and only then use a sidechain from the audio track to send it to Maschine-VST:

    To record from an application (Browser, Spotify, whatever) into Cubase you need to loop back the Audio, there are 2 ways this is achieved, either use:

    • An audio interface that has a loopback function/feature.
    • Use audio drivers that enable loopback functionality (For Windows Idk whats the common free app, maybe LoopBeAudio?)

    That's fine, nothing wrong with it for the most part.

    The only problem is the circuitry, headphone outs have a very different impedance than line out, when possible use line outs. Not sure how much it actually changes the sound but it should be rather negligible, not sure.

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