a plea for new guitar hardware

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I've been using guitar rig software since 2006, and exclusively as my live rig since 2012. I've gigged all over the chicago area, and I play at my church every week.

Today I mourn the loss of my Rig Kontrol 3 hardware due to what I can only assume is a windows update that rendered the unsupported driver now useless. The DPC latency is too high on my high-end laptop and the culprit was the RK3 driver.

It's not a total loss however. I can still use my RK3 to control guitar rig - I just can't also use it as a usb sound card. I have to use another one that still gets software updates.

which brings me to my plea. NI, please reconsider supporting guitarists who want to use guitar rig live. We may be a minority, but there is no one else to my knowledge who has ever made a combined foot controller + sound card. please, please, please.



  • Wouter De Muynck
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    @daverlee That would be the fourth attempt by NI to release a HW controller for Guitar Rig, IMO chances are close to zero this will happen. I started using an Airstep MIDI-controller and this works nicely with GR6, although bidirectional MIDI would be a nice addition. GR6 should remain a live performance tool, I totally agree, and that concern is expressed multiple times on the forum (live view, looper, …)

  • Gandi
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    Airstep is a midi controller, not a sound card. Right?

    I also don't understand why NI discontinued the rig controller. You just have to read here in the forum what problems users have to understand the interaction between soundcard and GR. This is certainly not a problem that lies causally with GR. But we want solutions that are easy to use. The rig controller was.  

  • Wouter De Muynck
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    @Gandi , you’re right! Airstep is a midi-controller which can be fully configured via a smartphone app. You can connect 2 expression pedals to it and an extension-module with 5 additional buttons. This all works, but as I mentioned, only in one direction and that is for NI to look into. I assume they will focus on the GR software (as laptops become more powerful), not the hardware…. If GR is still a focus of course, that is also to be seen.

  • daverlee
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    just an update on this...it is a total loss. I've been getting audio drop outs while trying to use RK3 as a controller and using another usb audio interface. When I unplug the RK3, the dropouts go away.

    Perhaps...if someone at NI could just take a moment out of their work schedule to update the RK3 driver, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • daverlee
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    I have good news! In case anyone might be in the same boat as me, I think I figured out what was causing the dropouts. This seemed to be plaguing windows 10 users with the latest 22H2 update who were trying to do any sort of pro audio work over usb. What eventually fixed my issues was disabling CPU core parking, and reenabling the High Performance power plan. The Rig Kontrol lives again!

    It's a shame, I was even considering getting GR6. But now I don't have to.

  • herringbur
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    I have some exciting news! In case anyone else is in the same situation as me, I believe I have worked out what was causing the dropouts.

    https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/13495/a-plea-for-new-guitar-hardware#latest3essd geometry dash scratch

  • SjD
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    Hi daverlee,

    glad you found the solution.

    That has been a working solution for me also.

    I nearly ditched my audio interface a month or two back ..

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