Traktor Pro Plus: how to record when using pattern player in send mode (xone96)

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Hi lovely community,

im using an external mixer and bevor i used the pattern player i recorded my music internal with traktor.

For this i used 'input fx return' and mapped it to channel 11/12 from my xone96. Activated the little push button/ switch to send master out trouhg channel 11/12. And in the 'mix recorder' setting i set 'ext. input' to 'input fx send'. Worked well for years 🎉

Now with the new pattern player i want to use it in 'send mode' and set 'output fx return' to channel 09/10 but now the pattern player gets recorded still when i put my fader down. only when i stop it or mute it in the software direct it works.

Is there a way to record internal while using pattern player in send mode with a xone96? if yes how the config looks like.

(on the picture 26170222 -> all track channels are paused or faders down - on the recodring monitor on the right side you see still signal from the pattern player (and its on the recording also))

I want to use the xone channel fader instead the dry/wet button on my x1 to adjust the volume.

thank you very much in advance


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  • LostInFoundation
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    Isn’t the problem exactly the internal mode? This should respond only to Traktor’s commands. Probably it was working before cause you set it to “ext. input”

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,543 Expert

    Should recording source not be the recording channels of the xone 96?

  • Slayer741
    Slayer741 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    @LostInFoundation - i dont want to use the dry wet knob on the x1 to adjust volume from the pattern player, i want to use my fader on channel 9/10 or 11/12. (but 11/12 should not be free becaues of the recording / main out of the mixer on this channel)

    @lord-carlos i can push a button on the xone96 to send the main out through the internal soundcard output on channel 11/12

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