What VST can I get to sound like a piano like the one Gibran Alcocer uses?

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I was listening to some Gibran Alcocer songs and I really liked the piano he uses. What VST was used in these songs?

And how could I configure one to sound like his?

"Idea 10": https://youtu.be/Ks6_taOCSyo

"Idea 1": https://youtu.be/YtA8Gdc4AT0


  • ShelLuser
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    First: why even assume that a VST was used?

    Second.. since it's a Tuber, why not ask them what they used? ;) I mean, the channel seems active enough..

  • gabrielb
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    I'm not sure if it was a VST, but I believe so. I asked him months ago but never got an answer.

    Do you know of any VST that could sound similar?

  • ShelLuser
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    Do you know of any VST that could sound similar?

    Now, I may not be the best person to ask because I don't use piano sounds all that often and while I do notice differences in tone and such... a lot of that eludes me.

    Having that out of the way... when listening to those videos I get the distinct impression that we're hearing heavily filtered out instruments. And it makes me wonder if it's really a specific piano sound you're hearing or.. "just" a piano sound which has been heavily enhanced.

    If that's the case I'd imagine any piano sound could do, as long as you apply the same filtering techniques. Which ones? yah... good question. I can't help notice bass and lower sounds getting a heavy presence up to a point where it pushes others out of the way. So there's defintiely some dynamic filtering going on, sidechains?

    It's not just the piano sound, that's for sure.

    Hope this can give you some ideas.

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    I can't say for sure what, if any, plug in is being used but most of what you're hearing is room ambience so it may be more about how he mic's his piano. But with that much ambience (reverb) and non close mic'ing it's difficult to even say whether or not it's and upright or concert style piano. But is you like the mellow sounds then the concert style like The Grandeur piano plug in would be more likely to please you. But in all likelihood you'd need to work with the EQ and room controls to get the character you want. I played with it for just a few minutes with the lid in the down position and came pretty close to the sound in the videos.

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