Maschine plus upgrades (ableton push 3 released)



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    Maschine peaks the user-base’s interest when new gear drops, but that interest disappears over time.

    Akai has an active community of users across products, implements requested features on a more regular schedule, and has a solid modding community.

    Push 2 interest has fallen off over the years, but we will see if the same applies to the Push 3 or not in time.

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    my number one request for Maschine has been "realtime record a performance into the arrager mode" ever since I bought a Maschine+. Ableton desktop does it, Push 3 doesnt. From my POV it boils down to, whichever standalone box does it first, gets me to stick or to switch boxes.

    I don't care about the fine details, or the subtle differences in plugins, NI or ableton, makes no diff to me, both get the job done. I just hate building arrangements by manually dragging "bits of lego on the screen". A total buzzkill for someone like me

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    This what happens when there is a void in the industry, along with companies pushing ****** machines with no real expandable architecture. It’s gotta battery pack, an expandable Intel processor and 8gb of ram all for 2 grand. I’d pay that especially if this machine was available the Maschine + first came out. This is HUGE! Make no mistake about it.

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    Tbh I still don’t understand this obsession with “DAWless”. Not when you can simply close your laptop and control all you need from the hardware, and still have the flexibility to use the computer to run VSTs and a DAW. It’s not like you would put a Maschine plus or a 4kg standalone push 3 in a backpack and start playing it on the bus or train.

    I feel dawless is mainly a hype that came from the online influencers that jumped on the modular eurocrack bandwagon.

    The main issue is to streamline workflow and reduce the number of moving parts. If you approach a laptop as a super flexible power pack it’s not that different from adding a battery pack to a Maschine + or Push 3.

    Especially when you can put the controller on top of the closed laptop and run the hardware from the laptops usb port.

    for me its the same discussion with traktor and other dj software: the laptop with traktor for me is mainly a super handy record box with powerful ways to bring and search my entire music collection. Instead of struggling with the limited view and options of the pioneer cdj players.

    Now regarding the longevity of the Maschine platform: if only NI would show they are able to regularly add new features to the Maschine software, and improve what’s already there. Right now it seems they are simply not able to evolve the software from its current state, for whatever reason. Much like the pioneer Toraiz platform. You buy it for what it offers right now, it’s not actively developed anymore. And if your competition IS able to deliver new features on a regular base, the decision becomes harder (or easier lol)

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    @olafmol wrote

    Tbh I still don’t understand this obsession with “DAWless”. Not when you can simply close your laptop and control all you need from the hardware, […]

    I feel dawless is mainly a hype that came from the online influencers that jumped on the modular eurocrack bandwagon.

    Neither are all musicians working alone in a (home) studio nor is every musician a computer expert.

    If you ever experienced a laptop crashing or a system beep blasting with 100dB through the monitoring system during a band rehearsal, then you wish for standalone hardware without ever having heard any influencer talking about the virtues of „dawless“. Its more of an instinctive reaction to a horrifying acoustic disaster you never want to experience in a live situation.

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    Push 3 arrived yesterday. Loving it so far.

  • olafmol
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    ive seen plenty of live acts with laptops on big stages without any issues. And with “dawless” setups with all kinds of issues. I would not claim that a laptop is an unstable factor in professionally managed performances. Maybe in the early days when people would bring windows laptops they would also use to run all kinds of unrelated software on. But not when you have a well maintained modern system. Fe I’ve done hundreds of Dj gigs with a MacBook laptop running traktor, never had any crash or anything serious. And only last week I saw a pioneer standalone xdj mk3 device go into emergency loop mode several times in one night


  • DoverBeach
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    The whole "just use a laptop" movement is actually stronger and more snobbish than the dawless movement, which doesn't even really exist except as a hashtag. Just read forums and social media comments every day, and you'll hardly ever see people using hardware bashing those who use a DAW. It's mostly the laptop users who do the criticizing.

    I have an i7 16GB RAM Zenbook, but I prefer making music on a dedicated platform designed solely for that purpose. I don't watch synthfluencer, I'm not against daws and I'm not a compulsive buyer/collector. I just don't want to turn on a pc/laptop when I make music. But, to many, we're simply considered inferior individuals manipulated by marketing.

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    Do you work on a computer for work? I'm a software developer, and the thought of opening a blank Ableton Live on my computer screen that I stare at all day to make music sends chills down my spine. I agree that you can just turn the monitor off, but even with Push 3 you have to still arrange on computer (at least for now). With Maschine you can truly just turn off the monitor but I work in standalone most of the time.

    That being said when I was younger and didn't work on a computer I had no problems. I've had Ableton Live since 2007.

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    I had a Force, sold it (hated the UI)

    Push 3 is a consideration because it has 100% physical buttons. It is missing the xfader which is a shame tho

    Anyways, I'm just going to wait for M+ 1.5 update for now. Kind of fed up buying gear tbh. As long as M+ reaches a state where I can use Reaktor 6.5 and Kontakt 7 to build content with, I'm good. Wish it would improve further, but its not looking likely

    With regards to "DAWless" being a trend, get off your high horse, I still remember a time without DAW's, nobody complained you couldnt make music without one back in the day 😹 Cats was making bangers with hardware synths before these alleged synthfluencers were even born

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    If push3 gets an arrangement or performance recording mode, I think I could sell my Maschine plus and my Maschine jam and my Komplete and fully rotate to Ableton.

    Sadly NI seems to be stagnant.

    Hardware is underexploited and software tends to duplicated libraries (who needs more synths and fx when you already have tons of synths and fx).

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